Pansy flower

We’re one of the biggest pansies producer, which we deliver to garden centres and supermarkets all over Europe

✓  minimal order : 1 pallet, which is 1200 flowers (40 boxes, can contain multiple colors). We can prepare pallet which may contain both pansies and strawberry plants (e.g 20 boxes of flowers, 20 boxes of seedlings)

Pallet contain 1200 flowers (40 boxes). We can prepare different color in every box
Beautifully grown · Top quality· We count on fruitful cooperation

✓  We deliver flowers in wooden boxes (30 flowers/box)
✓  1 color in each box among 80 we grow
✓  we issue vat invoice
✓  round flower pot, ∅9cm

✓  limited color availability
✓  pansies come from excellent series Syngenta: Delta, Colossus, Endurio, Rocky, Patiola and many more
We offer pansies in flower pots ∅9cm along fastest delivery possible. It’s a finest quality material from Swiss series : Sygenta Seedsa  

Price doesnt include shipping :

1200+ pansies- ___ EUR/flower + delivery cost

600 pansies- ___ EUR /flower + delivery cost