Strawberry bare-root plants for growers

We have been growing strawberries for 4 generations. If you are looking for strong and healthy bare-root plants contact us! Our seedlings come from nurseries from Italy, the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Poland. When you buy from us, you can be sure its variety pure.
Let’s not delude ourselves – sick seedlings are money wasted.

Prices and availability

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Strawberry bare-root plants — early varieties

  2. KENT
  3. RUMBA (licensed variety)
  4. CLERY (licensed variety)
  5. VIBRANT (licensed variety)
  6. PREMY(licensed variety)
  7. APRICA (licensed variety)
  8. FLAIR (licensed variety)

Strawberry bare-root plants — early-mid varieties

  1. POLKA
  4. SIBILLA (licensed variety)
  5. MALLING CENTENARY (licensed variety)
  6. SONATA (licensed variety)
  7. JOLY (licensed variety)
  8. ELEGANCE (licensed variety)
  9. ELIANNY (licensed variety)
  10. DARSELECT (licensed variety)

Strawberry bare-root plants — late varieites 

  2. SALSA (licensed variety)
  3. DIPRED (licensed variety)
  4. AROSA (licensed variety)
  5. FLORENCE (licensed variety)
  6. PEGASUS (licensed variety)
  7. JIVE

Strawberry bare-root plants — everbearing/day neutral varieties 

  2. SAN ANDREAS (licensed variety)
  3. EVES DELIGHT (licensed variety)
  4. MONTEREY (licensed variety)
  5. AMANDINE (licensed variety)
  6. EVIE 2 (licensed variety)
  7. SELVA (licensed variety)
  8. LINOSA (licensed variety)
  9. PORTOLA (licensed variety)

*Licensed varieties : Reselling, trading, barter, multiplication (even for your own use)  is banned

We offer all available classes of Frigo plants

  • Multicrown plants (A++);
  • plants (A+), crown’s diameter >15 mm;
  • plants (A), crown’s diameter 10 mm – 15 mm;
  • plants (A-), crown’s diameter 8 mm – 10 mm;
  • plants (B), crown’s diameter 6 mm – 8 mm.

Bigger class of bare-root plants, means bigger yield 2 months later after planting. In the following years, the yield and the date of fruiting will no longer dpend on the class of plants, but on the variety, the course of the weather in winter (cold) and the conditions of growth and development of plants durning their vegetation.

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